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//Connecticut Horse Barns

Connecticut Horse Barns

Connecticut Horse Barn Lovers…

Get excited because a new Connecticut Horse Barn has been raised in beautiful Deep River, CT.  The 16 stall barn is custom built by Stan Rheinheimer, a master craftsman for all things horse and stable related.

It has been so much fun to watch its progress overtime from a hole in the ground.  This was more work than you can imagine and we never want to see a can of black tar again!

Stan studied other barns he visited and considered the particular needs of a Connecticut horse barn, such as ability to weather snow and ice in the winter and heat and dust in the summer.  The barn is beautifully laid out with 16 stalls, a tack room, an office, bathroom, grooming area.  A favorite feature is the huge hay loft!

Now here it is with the walls starting to go up.  Its starting to take shape.







Here’s another as the windows and wall insulation/protection came up.  The barn currently makes for a perfect bike-riding spot for our little barn kiddos.

Connecticut Horse Barn

There is something about walking into a horse barn, it could be a barn anywhere, but especially a Connecticut horse barn with its full seasons and New England charm, that always stirs up memories.  For us riders and horse enthusiasts, the barn is where we spent the best years of our lives – caring for the horse, joking with friends, stepping into the shade on a hot day, building forts in the hay loft.


While we love our Foggy Meadow Farm, sometimes, just for kicks I like to check out other horse properties on the market and other Connecticut horse barns.  Here’s a fun site for day-dreaming: Horse Properties.

Tell us about your favorite Connecticut horse barns!  We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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